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NYT: Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

February 14, 2019




Author: Tom Pepper

Date: 2/12/2019

Day: Tuesday

Theme: Yes

Rebus: No



Time Allotment: 15 minutes

Time Left: 8 minutes (+200)

Errors: 0 (+150)

Correct Words: 78/78 (+780)

Final Score: 1130




Two day streak! Really really liked the theme on this one (State Abbrev. + word = other word). Wasn't as quick as yesterday's sub-4 minute but still felt good with a juuuuuuust over 6 minute solve time. Start got off a bit slow, originally had BOBS for 1A (which wound up being BOBS) so moved on to CHAI/FORT/CFO. From there got TEMPT and attempted the 26A ... As a Delawarean you KNOW the answer to a joke like this is going to be DELA-WEAR, but alas it was not which also made me lose some time.


There were some really fresh fills today - SCREEN SHOT, VAMOOSE (also a theme), CANOODLES (another theme), SCHMEAR and VENDETTA which was a welcome surprise for a Tuesday. On top of that all of the themed answers were strong. No real problem answers at all in this on that I can think of (POPS for Daddy-o gave me a chuckle). A highly enjoyable Tuesday.




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