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NYT: Monday, February 11th, 2019

February 11, 2019




Author: Howard Barkin

Date: 2/11/2019

Day: Monday

Theme: Yes

Rebus: No



Time Allotment: 15 minutes

Time Left: 11 minutes (+275)

Errors: 0 (+150)

Correct Words: 79/79 (+790)

Final Score: 1215




Can we talk for one minute about how pathetic by NINE DAY STREAK was? Nine days! That's it! And it was a struggle to get there! I try to keep myself motivated, I really do. My fiance runs a website AND a podcast and he manages to maintain it with no interruptions. He is #goals.


Today was a really good puzzle day. Started off in the good old NW corner and wasn't feeling 1A so went 1D. Got SHIV, then UDON, and then went all in on VANILLASKY. The cluing from the get go felt less Monday-y than a normal Monday which was a super pleasant surprise. After 21A I started sailing through. Took a different approach today and really trusted in whatever my answers came out to from crosses - I got 55D just from crosses (SODA) and never bothered to check what the actual clue was. On a harder day I probably wouldn't have the confidence, but today it really paid off ... probably one of my only sub-4 fills.


Part of that time though was the theme. As soon as I saw 56A (I don't even know how I had made my way to that part of the puzzle), I knew it was NEAPOLITAN and was then able to fill in the beginning of the two other long answers (thank you Tom Cruise!!) For favorite cluing, CHOCOLATETHUNDER is fun to see (makes me think of the wonderful CHOCOLATERAIN video tho), and TAPIOCA and BIGBANG were other welcome Monday answers. Overall a really solid puzzle from Howard Barkin.


Hopefully see you tomorrow!



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