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NYT: Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

January 11, 2019




Author: Trenton Charlson

Date: 1/9/2019

Day: Wednesday

Theme: No

Rebus: No



Time Allotment: 20 minutes

Time Left: 10 minutes (+250)

Errors: 0 (+150)

Correct Words: 78/78 (+780)

Final Score: 1180




First thing I noticed, what a crazy pattern. I'm finally starting to take constructing (somewhat?) seriously and I immediately noticed the amount of diagonal clues. Do I know what that means or what the consequences are? No. But I know it is a bit atypical.


With that out of the way, OH MY GOD FOR THE LOVE OF GERUNDS. Was there a theme I didn't pick up on? That is quite possible, however I was so distracted by the number of times I saw ING in this puzzle it was hard to concentrate on anything else. I honestly started second guessing my answers because I thought, 'no surely there's no way there is yet another gerund', and yet there it was. CHIMING. CRINGING. STIFLING. SMILING. And then the fake gerunds, BLING, SLING, RING, WILDTHING, STRING.


Aside from that .. I mean honestly ING probably took up at least 15% of the fill of this puzzle (I didn't #dothemath but at 15x15-25 to be conservative ... we would only need 30 'ING' letters to make up 15%) so there's not a lot else to even consider.



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