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NYT: Monday August 6th

August 6, 2018



Author: Mark Diehl and Andrea Carla Michaels

Date: 8/6/2018

Day: Monday

Theme: Yes

Rebus: None



Time Allotment: 15 minutes

Time Left: 10 minutes (+250)

Errors: 0 (+150)

Correct Words: 76/76 (+760)

Final Score: 1180


Alright y'all, I'm finally back to a normal blogging schedule (cue: 'Is it too late now to say sorrryyyyy??'). Gotta tell you, I didn't know how this was was going to turn out. I was 90% sure if was the 60's but history is really not my strong suit.


Puzzle moved quickly, no real hangups aside from the '6' issue. Felt a little fill-y for a Monday, but that's a Monday. SLUDGE and OTTOMAN were nice as was SLIPUPS. Only real point of contention was CHINK. I fully appreciate there is a totally non-offensive usage of the word (and much more common), but it doesn't seem that hard to move - CLINK/OLM (apparently an OLM is a kind of newt)? 



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