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NYT: Friday, August 3rd 2018

August 4, 2018



Author: David Steinberg

Date: 7/27/2018

Day: Friday

Theme: None

Rebus: None



Time Allotment: 30 minutes

Time Left: 5 minutes (+125)

Errors: 4 (-100)

Correct Words: 65/72 (+650)

Final Score: 675



Oyyyyy. Had been on a hot streak of perfects/nearly perfects so this one stung a bit. A few of the errors seem so obvious now (UNTERROT??? What was I thinking). Anyway, puzzle started off quickly in upper left with MASS (good old p = mv), ANTE, ANTI (don't know how I feel about double ANT-s). And then boom, stalled out.  I moved on to bottom right (EDSHEERAN, NSFW, ALOE, etc.) but the lower left and upper right were then at stand stills.


Lower left: I knew I wasn't going to get SEDAKA or even KAY and I would rely completely on crosses. I had a moment of clarity with CORKINGFEE, and it took me foreverrr until CORKAGE became apparent (EDEN also took unnecessarily long).  I had SPORTSSTAR in for SPRAYONTAN for a while (never like that answer), and luckily that susses itself out.


Upper right: Clearly you can see the upper right never really came together (wth is a STRIPDALLS???). In my mind it was going to be something STRIPE, and 'DON Adeiu' seemed equally as correct as MON. HEADTOTAIL seemed to have odd cluing (I've never heard that in reference to skeletons), and I also had trouble with the Lil' Abner and My Fair Lady references (personally I don't think you should have crosses of obscure trivia, but maybe this is a generational miss on my end).


SEXQUIZ seemed like a reach but it had so many good letters I let it slide, and damn I had no idea Weezer had so many self titles albums! Favorite cross of the day had to be POOCH and DOGEARS, with POISONPEN and UTTERROT (now that I know the right answer) a close second.


Report on progress coming out tomorrow!



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