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NYT: Monday July 23rd

July 24, 2018


Author: Todd Gross

Date: 7/23/2018

Day: Monday

Theme: Yes

Rebus: None



Time Allotment: 15 minutes

Time Left: 9 minutes (+225)

Errors: 0 (+150)

Correct Words: 76 (+760, 76 out of 76)

Final Score: 1135



First puzzle after all of the great tips and tricks I learned from Erik, Laura, Andy, and the peanut gallery during last night's twitch stream of Erik attempting the Stumper with downs-only. My dad emailed me 'how did you get in with the crossword elite?' He knows I am just an imposter.


I can't really complain about any error-free, sub-six minute puzzle, but there did feel like a lot of three letter fill in this one. IVE. IER. ERA. FYI. Even some of the longer clues like RERUN (which I can only hear in Nicki Minaj's voice) felt tired. That said, I did really enjoy the theme. All were common phrases that fit nicely, and I did enjoy having LA RAM right above SPUR for a nice little NFL/NBA wordplay. NOHITTER and BENCH also felt especially apropos.


Based off of last night's convo, I may start attempting to do the Newsday (non-Saturday's) across/down only, but if you have a suggestion for other puzzles please let me know!



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