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NYT: Sunday, July 22nd 2018

July 23, 2018



Author: Patrick Merrell

Date: 7/22/2018

Day: Sunday

Theme: Yes

Rebus: None



Time Allotment: 45 minutes

Time Left: 15 minutes (+375)

Errors: 0 (+150)

Correct Words: 142 (+1420) (out of 142)

Final Score: 1945



PERFECT SUNDAY! Boy oh boy, after a week with three days in a row of a single mistake this was a great way to end the week. That said though, it felt like a VERY easy Sunday. I started with the acrosses, nothing felt 100% until I saw ROMO as an answer (gotta go with what you know).  Moved to downs for AKA, MOMS, ONEAL, and then went back to the top section. SHEP made me think of Southern Charm and HONCHOS immediately made me think of Migos (these are great ideas for future cluing btw, you're welcome everyone), but overall not many issues on fill. I still have no idea what GESTALT is.


Overall I liked the theme. My first thought was it was going to be some combination of letters that added up, but after SIDEWAYSGRAVITY I figured out the cluing. Didn't love NETWORKFAME as the tense (?) seemed off for Anchorman .. Network Famous Person? idk. But NOTORIOUSPSYCHO and GIANTSPLASH more than made up for it.



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