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NYT: Saturday, July 21st 2018

July 22, 2018



Author: Jason Flinn

Date: 7/21/2018

Day: Saturday

Theme: None

Rebus: None



Time Allotment: 35 minutes

Time Left: 0 minutes (+0)

Errors: so many (+0)

Correct Words: 50 (+500) (out of 65)

Final Score: 500



3 days late on review .... sorry y'all. Full disclosure, this puzzle has an asterisk next to the solve as Mama V helped out on the solve. She gets 100% credit for REDEPOSIT ... but also 100% of the credit for NOT catching our HIATUS typo.


Are there much better feelings than getting a full across clue? I think not. STRINGORCHESTRA was a late solve (I kept yelling 'WE HAVE TO END AT 35 MINUTES!!!), but than and TELLITLIKEITIS were two of my favorites. I really need to keep track of common car models, as my XRE/XJE cost us two words. I will say that after the 35 minute mark we continued to solve (after we confirmed which letters we had wrong), and as soon as we fixed HAITUS 'ORDEREDALACARTE' immediately jumped out.


For a rainy Saturday it was a wonderful wonderful puzzle. It was a great way to kill 35 (or 45 ... ) minutes.



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