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NYT: Saturday, July 14th 2018

July 14, 2018




Author: Kameron Austin Collins

Date: 7/14/2018

Day: Saturday

Theme: None

Rebus: None



Time Allotment: 35 minutes

Time Left: 0 minutes (+0)

Errors: 14 (+0)

Correct Words: 54 (+540) (out of 64)

Final Score: 540



Note to self, if you ever want to feel absolutely terrible about your self check out Crossword Twitter and notice the fact that CrossWorld is out here perfectly solving puzzles by ONLY ANSWERING THE DOWNS and I can't even solve a Saturday. It's maddening.


Now that I've gotten that out of the way, KAMERON AUSTIN COLLINS WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL OF MY LIFE. The first sign this was going to be a great puzzle was CRUNK quickly followed by KUSH (my thought was actually 'there's no way ... is there?'). I knew it was going to be a puzzle light on historical trivia that I always struggle with (Catherine PARR doesn't count, I'm referring to 1950 - 1980 heavy pop culture references). With CRUNK on the mind, I very much heard KEMOSABE (big ballin' is my hobby) in Lil Wayne's voice and ON TIME in Ashanti's.


Even though I wound up with a lot of blanks and errors (I honestly thought 'Huminah' was going to be something more like 'bah humbug'), this was a puzzle that was great fun to stick with. Few things more satisfying than those 'aha' moments when a word finally fits.



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