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NYT: Friday, July 13th 2018

July 13, 2018






Author: Trenton Charlson

Date: 7/13/2018

Day: Friday

Theme: None

Rebus: None



Time Allotment: 30 minutes

Time Left: 17 minutes (+425)

Errors: 6 (-150)

Correct Words: 66 (+660) (out of 72)

Final Score: 1235




Not perfect, but felt so much better than yesterday's puzzle. Learned a few things while scoring this as well, that I should start tracking total words (it's kind of a PITA to count them all up, feature request for the NYT) to look at 'maximum possible score'. This is also the first day I finished early (I was quite hopeful) and still had errors, so you'll notice both a time bonus AND point deduction. For those unfamiliar with the ACPT, you are docked 25 points for each incorrect letter up to the point bonus for finishing early. (Fun fact: During the ACPT I had the brilliant idea of turning in THE puzzle, you know the one, completely blank and getting the full point bonus. Someone quickly informed me of the error deduction, seems I'm not as original as I thought).


Anyway, back to the puzzle. This seems a bit easy for a Friday given all of the trivia involved, ANSARI, ZZTOP, DALI, BEENE, DELANO. As someone who doesn't really watch movies (or know much about art ... or politics), I was pleasantly surprised at how much I could fill in early on. I started in the upper left with ANSARI, ALOE, and ZEBRA quick solves, and NIMRODS and ROO shortly thereafter. Confession - I left KETCH for the very end (never heard of it) and pulled RAGNAROK out of my tuchus as I only know of the word from THOR and figured it was more likely that anything else.


The upper right was the real challenging spot, but after a few minutes realizing I wasn't ever going to know IRONMIKE (c'mon, that's a lot of obscure crosses in one area), I threw in the towel and accepted defeat. DORMER is the one I really should have known, but I'm otherwise happy with the outcome. 



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