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Hello World!

July 7, 2018

First blog post!


Over the past few years I've been a dedicated crossword puzzler (NYT, BEQ, WaPo). I've read Rex Parker's blog for nearly as long, but honestly the sub 4-minute complete times always made me feel disheartened. As I've gotten more into trying to do puzzles 'competitively' (if you can call a 400+ place finish 'competitive'), I've also wanted a way to track my progress. Given my love of the scientific method, I decided to start collecting some data on finish times and overall accuracy and score against the rubric of the ACPT.


The scoring works as follows:

+ 25 points for every FULL MINUTE finished before the allotted time (see notes below on timing)

+150 points for every 'perfect' puzzle

+10 points for every correct word


As for timing, I came up with the (somewhat arbitrary) times below for each DOW:

Monday: 15 minutes

Tuesday: 15 minutes

Wednesday: 20 minutes

Thursday: 25 minutes

Friday: 30 minutes

Saturday: 35 minutes

Sunday: 45 minutes


Over time I hope to include some (ideally) interesting trends, insights, etc. on crossword performance. If there's a data slice you think may be interesting down the road (age of constructor, IS/NOT themeless, etc.) feel free to let me know.


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NYT: Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

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