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This page will be updated as I find new puzzles to do.

NYT Puzzles (traditional solve)


The scoring works as follows:

+ 25 points for every FULL MINUTE finished before the allotted time (see notes below on timing)

+150 points for every 'perfect' puzzle

+10 points for every correct word

As for timing, I came up with the (somewhat arbitrary) times below for each DOW:

Monday: 15 minutes

Tuesday: 15 minutes

Wednesday: 20 minutes

Thursday: 25 minutes

Friday: 30 minutes

Saturday: 35 minutes

Sunday: 45 minutes

So, Max Score = 10 * Total Words + 150 (perfect bonus) * 25* DOW Allotment

Example: A 76 word Monday would have a max score of 760 + 150 + 375 = 1285


Newsday Puzzles (down/across only)


Note: There is no time allotment

+10 for every correct clued word

+10 for every correct inferred word

(just calling them out separately for recording purposes)

+150 for a perfect puzzle

Need some more suggestions on how to solve this ...